What Kind of Customer Service Skills are Needed to Work in a New York Restaurant?

When it comes to working in a restaurant in New York, having the right customer service skills is essential. From patience and attention to detail to communication and multitasking, there are a variety of skills that are needed to ensure a successful experience for both customers and employees. Patience is an absolute must for anyone working in a restaurant.

Remaining calm and composed while maintaining a friendly demeanor

is key when dealing with customer complaints, co-worker mistakes, and long periods of time without interruption.

Attention to detail is also important, as it is closely related to safety. Waiters must remember which customers have special dietary requirements or allergies, while cooks must keep their tools and workstations clean to avoid food poisoning. Good communication skills are also essential for customer service. This includes not only the words you use, but also body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.

Being able to adjust your conversation style depending on the situation can make a huge difference in creating satisfied customers. When summarizing your experience in a resume, it's important to group it into five main areas: patience, attention to detail, communication skills, multitasking, and safety. Patience and communication skills are especially important for waiters, while cooks need to be able to multitask and pay attention to detail. Technology is becoming increasingly important in the restaurant industry, so employees should be trained in a variety of different software tools.

Additionally, being able to make quick mental calculations is an invaluable skill for any restaurant worker. Finally, being nice to customers is always beneficial. Not only does it make guests happy, but it also increases table rotation time in the restaurant, allowing them to serve more diners each shift.

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