What Insurance Do I Need to Open and Operate a Restaurant in New York City?

Opening and running a restaurant in New York City requires a certain level of insurance coverage to protect your business from potential claims.

General liability insurance

, also known as basic liability insurance, is the most important type of coverage for restaurants. This type of insurance covers claims related to personal injury, bodily harm, and personal or publicity injuries. In addition to liability insurance, you will need to obtain certain certificates, permits, and licenses from city and state agencies, such as the Department of Health.

Restaurants in New York City face a variety of physical threats, such as burst pipes, grease fires, storm damage, robberies, and acts of vandalism. For more information about the specific requirements for running a restaurant in New York, contact the New York State Department of Financial Services. This agency is responsible for licensing airlines and overseeing their operations. Additionally, you can get detailed information from the New York Property Insurance Association at 100 William Street, New York, NY 10038 or from any authorized agent or broker in the state.

Foreign insurers that are domiciled in a state other than New York may also be authorized by the state.

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