How to Get a Job in a Restaurant in New York City

Are you looking to kickstart your career in the food and beverage industry in New York City? With its vibrant culture and diverse culinary scene, New York is one of the most exciting cities to work in. However, competition in the industry is fierce, so it's important to know what qualifications you need to get a job in a restaurant. One of the quickest ways to find employment is through a staffing agency. You can also look for jobs as a waiter, bartender, or cocktail waitress.

Professional students at the Culinary Education Institute (ICE) in New York have access to recreational classes that can help them supplement their education. ICE's recreation division in New York City offers hundreds of cooking, baking, beverage, and professional development classes every year. This gives international culinary students the opportunity to explore different cultures and gain access to a wide range of restaurants, gourmet markets, and culinary resources. New York City and Los Angeles are two of the most renowned culinary cities in the world and are home to some of the best restaurants and chefs.

First Course NYC is a program for eligible New Yorkers who are passionate about starting their career in the kitchen of a restaurant and who are willing and able to commit to training and working full time. Esther's formal training as a chef began at ICE in New York City and continued in the kitchens of Ilili and La Esquina, as well as in the Food Network kitchens.

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